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About Us

Air Strength Canada was incorporated in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1982. The company has evolved from a provider of industrial services to commercial buildings into Winnipeg’s most prestigious interior landscaping business. Winning multiple International interior landscaping awards ,Air Strength Canada has become the primary interior landscape company for many of the high profile companies in Winnipeg. Over the years Air Strength Canada has grown, we now have two indoor attached commercial buildings that allows us to carry stock of up to 500 plants at any given time all year round! Interior plants are stored, acclimated, watered, pruned and inspected and treated for any pests in our facility. With indoor loading and storage facilities for our clients you can rest assured Air Strength Canada will be able to meet all of your needs!  

As of 2009, Air Strength Canada has branched out its interior landscaping into the Toronto, Ontario market. We strive to bring with most current and latest industry trends and standards to you and your company.  We offer purchase and lease packages that are custom tailored to your companies budget.   

Who We Can Help

Air Strength Canada offers commercial grade products and services for businesses ranging from small to large scale office towers. Custom products are available nationwide in Canada. We offer custom design, installation and maintenance for all our products and services offered.

All plants go to heaven!

“Environmental, Social and governance” – Commitment to reducing our carbon footprint  

Have you ever wondered what happens to that favorite plant of yours that has met its untimely fate and needs to be removed and refreshed with a new plant? Air Strength Canada has made a conscience effort to reduce its waste and environmental impact on the planet by composting all organic material that is a by product of our business activities! Along with recycling 60% of operations by products, the introduction of large scale composting will significantly reduce what Air Strength Canada sends to the landfill.  

Along side of the ongoing composting & recycling, Air Strength Canada has been practicing fuel efficient route servicing practices for years. Furthermore when possible we utilize local producers of products that are necessary to our operations furthering our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint on the planet!

Also, at our warehouse facility all water-runoff from watering the plants and other water related activities is collected in a holding tank. It is then removed and treated off-site to ensure that no chemicals or fertilizers leach back into our ground water and pollute the environment.