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Moss Walls

Our preserved moss walls are perfect for those who want to bring some life to their space but are not quite ready for a full-scale living wall. Preserved moss walls, made of once living and now beautifully preserved moss, are designed to bring nature and art into your space with very little maintenance involved. Preserved moss walls are hugely popular in the world of biophilic art and design for some very good reasons:


Preserved moss walls are much more cost-effective than traditional living walls for installation and require virtually no maintenance as the moss is not actually alive. Unlike live plants, preserved moss walls require no water, soil, fertilizing, sunlight, or professional maintenance after it is installed. They are also significantly cheaper than living walls to install in the first place. Preserved moss is a cost-effective way to reap the many benefits of having an element of biophilic design in your space.

Great Artwork Alternative

Instead of hanging traditional artwork on the wall, these biophilic pieces bring life to the space and help people connect with nature. Research has shown that people respond to having natural elements in their space. The sensory stimuli of biophilic artwork have been shown to reduce stress, increase general happiness, and enhance productivity. It’s clear that humans have an innate need to be around nature, so why not incorporate it into artwork and design?

Easy Installation

Most pieces can be developed off-site according to specifications and then quickly installed on-site with very little interruption to the day-to-day workflow of the area. Air Strength Canada specializes in biophilic installation and interior landscaping. That means you can trust us to take care of your project from beginning to end including design, planning, sourcing materials, providing staff, and making sure that we meet your installation deadline.

Custom Designed

We custom design each piece with the size, shape, colours, textures, patterns, and other natural elements requested by our clients. At Air Strength Canada we have many award-winning projects in our portfolio that we have proudly designed to fit the specific needs of our clients. From beautiful walls of foliage to special events, you’ll see that the design possibilities are nearly endless.

Branding Possibilities

These pieces can be the perfect backdrop to display logos, company names and more. We may even be able to design the logo into the moss, depending on the size and shape. Preserved moss walls have such striking visual appeal and endless design possibilities, that they are perfectly suited to branding display!

Small Footprint

These pieces can be inserted into walls if specified ahead of time, or they can be wall-mounted and only protrude a few inches into the space, reserving precious floor area for furniture and foot traffic! By nature of their design, preserved moss walls are low profile while delivering a high visual impact. Speaking of foot traffic, moss walls and indoor plantscapes are great at buffering sound, making them ideal for echoey lobbies!