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Head office revitalization in 2013

Our client is Winnipeg Canada’s only in house commercial office complex. They contacted Air Strength Canada to assist them in providing design concepts, new plant material as well as working with the in-house gardening staff on the installation, we accepted the challenge! The design consisted of 229 plants that had to be spec’d in a 48 hour period in order to get the order on the only available load of plants heading to Winnipeg from Florida to meet our deadline!  The client was looking for a colorful design using a wide variety of foliage such as Ficus “Amstel King”, Croton Petra’s, and Dracaena Limelight’s brought back life into the executive suites & VP lounge. The high end look was the ultimate goal and when the job was completed, the clients were thrilled beyond their expectations.

Air Strength Canada was awarded a 2013 International Plantscape Award of excellence for design of the Head office revitalization project.

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