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Holiday Decor at 360 MAIN

Our client was looking to update their traditional holiday decor with some new modern yet traditional displays.  It was decided to incorporate the existing indoor planter pots as part of the overall holiday decor.  With an 18′ tall tree, custom sequenced LED wall washers and 7′ cherry blossom displays the holiday experience at 360 MAIN was in full effect!

Beautiful poinsettia displays surround a miniature Christmas tree

The colour scheme was our starting point for creating the new modern holiday displays.  Silver, white and hints of gold were the colours of choice to bring the holiday decor more in line with the clients recently renovated main floor.

Delta planters that are in place during the regular months had new liners installed with 4′ mini tree’s that were decorated and lite to match the larger 18′ tall main floor tree! 

The 18′ tall, decorated tree brought a sense of grandeur to the front entrance.  The 18′ tree is installed using scaffolding.  All staff that work setting up the tree are trained with fall safety and must wear safety glasses, hard hats, and steel toed shoes. A team of 10 people work together to set up and decorate the tree on site.

To accentuate the overall space, LED wall washers were used and linked together to create an ever-changing festive light display on the 20′ tall columns! The colour rotation of the wall washers changes every few seconds.  One colour morphs into the next in a seamless fashion.  This really brings the over space to life!

Along with the new 18′ and 4′ tree’s the client expressed a need for some live plants to bring some opulence to the main floor.  27 poinsettia displays were installed in and amongst the holiday decor to bring the clients vision to life!

We felt a special interest item would be a good addition to the trees and the poinsettias.  3 – 7′ Cherry blossoms in matching silver planters were installed. One in a corner seating area and the other two along the long window that can be seen from outside of the building to showcase seasonal decor.

An additional 9′ tree was installed in the centre of a decorated arch way that pays homage to an old building that use to stand where the current building sits.  The idea was to decorate the archway similar to a large fireplace.

The view from the archway looking towards the front door.  The 9′ tree, 18′ tree, wall washers, cherry blossom trees and additional garland are installed over a weekend in mid November leading up to the holiday season! A team of 10 works over a three-day period, preparing the décor off site, delivering to the site and then finally a two-day set-up.

Close-up of the cherry blossom leaves and view of the wall washer on the floor in the background.  Both of these props really created a unique yet classy modern holiday experience.

Along with the main floor holiday decor update, the lower mall area also received a décor make-over.  This area has a fair amount of people traffic passing through.  An additional 15′ tall tree was designed to match the main floor to bring a cohesiveness to the overall design of the holiday decor for this property.  A traditional sleigh and reindeer were used as display props inside a secured display area within the mall.  The ground cover below the tree and the sleigh has been layered to give the floor an illuminated snow design.