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The spring shopping bag experience at Polo Park

Air Strength Canada was tasked with creating a very unique large sculpture to launch the spring season and create a “wow” factor. The colors of the artificial flowers are to be used in conjunction with the malls advertising campaign for spring 2011.

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The challenge was to turn the two sided shopping bag into a giant sized sculpture with the look and feel of a rose bowl parade float. The white board mock-up displays large cerise pansy flowers with green leaves, yellow and cerise 18 inch gerber daisy’s along with 5 inch rose balls in cerise and lime green. This artificial foliage was selected to be featured on the sculpture.

April 11th 2011, delivery of the shopping bag 4 weeks behind schedule due to our suppliers malfunctioning laser cutting machine! A massive effort was put in to complete the sculpture for the delivery installation date of April 22nd 2011. The fully assembled shopping bag canvas prior to the installation of artificial design components. The canvas was created from laser cut styrofoam and was cut into four separate stack-able pieces for transportation and installation.

The centre piece of the front side of the bag will be an 8ft dress silhouette. It took roughly 14 hours to hand place the roughly 4000 ivory rose pedals for the dress. The double P logo of our client is also embossed with artificial ivory rose pedals. The addition of the rose pedals gave a richness but soft elegance to highlight key features and corporate branding on the shopping bag.

With only one day for installation, 5 cube van loads were unloaded and the giant pieces were moved into the centre court. Our team moved the bag into its final position and carefully assembled each piece to create our clients vision. After roughly 50 man hours of installation the giant shopping bag is finally taking shape.  

The finished back side of the bag which includes and open toed high heel shoe decorated with ivory rose pedals. The handles of the bag are installed and the replica gift wrapping is also set in place to create the finishing touches for the bag. The finished shopping bag stands 18 ft tall.

Air Strength Canada was awarded a Plantscape Institute Alliance award of excellence in special event for the shopping bag experience!

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